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  • Special offer time!

    6th November 2019
    Special offer time!

    It's November already! We've had the trick or treaters at the door and the relentless fireworks going off at 10pm all week. I know it's a very cliché thing to say, but where has the time gone? In less than 50 days Santa will be unloading the contents of his sack all over living room floors across [...]

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    A quick hello from us all at Hedfone Party!

    Don't worry, this isn't another marketing message promising a way to lose weight on that special Battenburg diet or to sell you a magical pill that makes your downstairs bits bigger. This is a quick message to get you thinking about Silent Disco and to let you know that we have [...]

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    &quote;We ARE the original Silent Disco hire company&quote;

    So you have looked around the web to find the right Silent Disco provider for you. You have noticed something in common, a trend.. they pretty much ALL say that they are "the original" company or that they are "the leading" company. (How can any company prove they are the 'leading' company, without [...]

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    Replaceable batteries, not rechargeable…

    There seems to be a new Silent Disco company cropping up every week. Someone deciding that they will purchase a small number of wireless headphones and stick an advert on Google claiming that they offer the best service at the best price etc etc. This doesn't bother us, as more companies offering [...]

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    Did you see our headphones on The Apprentice?

    Our Silent Disco headphones have had another 5 seconds of fame (literally) on this weeks episode of 'The Apprentice'. In the 'blink and you'd miss it' rewards part of the show, the winning team got to go and watch a film - put on by our friends at Nomad Cinema - and using our very stylish three [...]

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    Silent Disco IS BACK at The Mile Castle, Newcastle.

    Wednesday's are officially Silent Disco days in Newcastle! If you are lucky enough to live in the beautiful North East of England and you have Newcastle on your doorstep, then why not pop along to The Mile Castle on a Wednesday evening to see our Silent Disco headphones in action! DJ Phil takes you[...]

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    Silent Disco is the future! (still)

    This blog post is literally here to try and help our position on the natural Google search listings. Let's get straight up and honest about that. If we mention Silent Disco a few times here and there it can't do any harm can it? Maybe I will say that Silent Disco is the best thing ever! Which it[...]

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    Three Channel headphones now available!!

    We started our company over 10 years ago when Silent Disco events were still pretty new to the scene. We thought that a two channel system would be more than enough to cater for the needs of our customers! And it mostly is. However, we have had many enquiries over the last few years for a three [...]

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    We’ve been doing it for years!

    As you probably know, Silent Disco companies are cropping up left, right and centre. You only need to do a quick Google search to find an abundance of companies offering you wireless headphone entertainment, all of which seem to be the best in the business and all of which seem to offer you the best[...]

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    Silent Disco at BBC 6 Music Festival

    We aren't the best at keeping our social media pages and blogs up to date - far too busy dealing with Silent Disco stuff! However (and I have said this before) I am going to make it a goal of mine to keep you folk up to date with what is going on in the world of Hedfone Party and all of our glorious[...]

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