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  • School Silent Discos are cool!

    Hedfone Party is all about bringing communities together through music and dancing. Using our three channel LED headphones, schools throughout the UK can not only offer a great way to broadcast audio without the need of a PA system, but it's a great way to offer a fun reward for all ages and backgrounds. Our 3 channel wireless headphone's don't only need to be used for partying, either. Our systems have many uses, including broadcasting audio for movies, presentations, interactive games etc

    Looking for an original idea and want to try silent disco for your next School event? Concerned about keeping your celebration Covid-secure? Our services are perfect for you. Whether it be for a School Disco / End of Term Reward Day / School graduation Party / School Fete / School Incursion / School Fundraiser or School Holiday Program, our headphones can be used in a very safe and socially distanced way. With a 200 square metre range, you can have multiple groups using our headphones in different rooms throughout your school, so they can all be listening to the same thing - but not all in the same area!

    Finally an activity that appeals to all ages / students that are active or non active, social or non- social, confident or shy. They will all be engaged and absolutely love it.

    We hire all the equipment you need to throw an amazing silent disco, including;

    • LED headphones
    • 3 transmitters
    • Plugs & audio cables
    • Delivery & Collection plus playlists, if required.

    The equipment can stream 3 different channels of music at once, allowing you to play different genres of music on each channel for incredible variety. Our LED headphones glow in red, green and blue depending on what channel is selected. Each child can control their own music volume and the headphones are lightweight, padded, and adjustable in size for both adults and children.  

    Silent discos are such a fun event activity for schools - children love them! We provide headphone hire packages with all the equipment you need to have a silent disco, delivered to any UK address.

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    Hire 50 headphones for up to 3 days for just £190 including delivery, collection & VAT. Get in touch for more details.

  • *Plus a refundable deposit of £100. This price includes delivery & collection to anywhere in mainland UK. Pricing is for our 3 channel system subject to availability. Northern Ireland / Ireland will be more expensive due to ridiculous shipping costs beyond our control. Deposits are refunded within 7 days after the event and are there to cover any lost or damaged headphones. Other amounts available. Please mention this offer when booking.