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  • People from Aberdeen LOVE Silent Disco!

    Are you looking to hire headphones for your upcoming event in Aberdeen or the surrounding areas? Well look no further, as we love the granite city and our headphones are more than happy to make the trip up to this beautiful part of Scotland.

    As you have made it to this page, we assume that you know all about the Silent Disco concept, however, just a quick recap. Hire your headphones from us, we supply you with all the equipment that you will need (headphones, transmitters, spare cables, batteries), you supply the music (two channels as standard, however, we do have limited three channel stock for up to 1000 people!)

    Get your friends, colleagues, customers or anyone else together, and give them the ULTIMATE Silent Disco experience. It's great fun for all ages! And the best thing about a Silent Disco is that it can be set up anywhere! (As long as you have somewhere to plug in the transmitter)

    Silent Disco down on Queens Link? Yes please! Silent Disco on Beach Boulevard? If you have the right permissions, go for it! 

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