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    Above is a picture of our wonderful three channel LED headphones getting ready for service at an event in Gloucester. 

  • Silent Disco Hire is our speciality!

    We are the Silent Disco hire experts! We specialise in providing our clients with the best quality silent disco headphones at very competitive and fair prices. 

    Our headphones look and sound great. The bass response is excellent and, for a wireless headphone, the audio quality is top notch, making them suitable for both musical events, as well as live performances, speech and conferences.

    We have been supplying Silent Disco hire for over 11 years and our headphones have been used by many large companies, such as RedBull, Smirnoff, Dyson and O2 Arena - to name but a few! You may have also seen our headphones on TV, as we have been on many shows - including BBC Click, BBC Museums at Night, Celebrity Big Brother and Storage Hunters (they faked part of the show to look like a box of our headphones were 'discovered' inside one of the containers.)

    Our three channel headphones are robust, look great and have their own volume controls on the headphones. They have built in LED lights that change colour depending on what channel is being listening to. Blue, green or red.

    Get in touch today to get some silent disco hire prices tailored to your requirements!

  • Silent Disco at The Mile Castle Newcastle

  • For more in-depth information about the Silent Disco concept, check out the wiki-page