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    • Why should I choose your headphones?

      Because we have taken the time, been through the pain, tried all of the other models and these are the best. They simply sound great, they look absolutely stunning, they are robust, they are easy to repair . . . they just work!

    • Are the headphones available in a choice of colours if I buy them?

      Yes. Our customers go crazy for our colours! For smaller orders, colour choice is dependent upon stock levels. For larger bespoke orders a selection of colours are available. You could, however, have them made to your own specification – Uni colours – Club colours anyone?

    • Are the headphones available in a choice of colours if I hire them?

      Although our hire stock does consist of our beautiful coloured headphones, we cannot guarantee exactly what colour you will receive when you hire them (as the headphones are coming and going all of the time!) If you book well in advance, and you do have a colour that you would prefer, let us know and we can do our best to cater for your preference. Colours currently available for hire are: Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink & Red.

    • Can I have my own branding on the headphones if I buy them?

      Branding looks fantastic and is available on purchase orders of 500 plus headsets. This is superb for promotion purposes/product launch etc. All you have to do is supply artwork and decide on your colour scheme. There is a six to eight week lead time for this service.

    • Can I have my own branding on the headphones if I hire them?

      You are more than welcome to have the headphones branded for your hire, however, the branding service would be at an additional cost and can take up to 4 weeks – so you would need to have everything booked at least 1.5 months in advance of your event date.

    • What type of batteries do the headphones use?

      Each headset is powered by two AAA batteries. We use good quality alkaline batteries – on a par with Duracell. These last for approximately 26 hours on full volume. (The headsets switch off when no audio is present.) We dispose of the batteries in a responsible manner for recycling.

    • Can I use rechargeable batteries?

      Yes – rechargeable batteries will work, but depending on how many headsets you have and how often they are used, these may not be a viable option. Imagine trying to recharge 1000 batteries for 500 headsets . . . No Thanks!!

    • What is the range of the transmitter?

      The system functions perfectly over a 200 metre range. The signal works indoors or for open air events and will happily pass through walls/ceilings etc.

    • What can I use as sound sources?

      The transmitter accepts two audio signals simultaneously. You can use any combination of devices with an audio output capable of playing music. So – DJ consoles, Laptop computers, iPads, iPods, smart phones, MP3 players are all fine.

    • What cables will I need?

      The transmitter has two phono inputs, one for each channel. The other end of the cable will require whatever is compatible with your audio devices. In the case of a laptop for example this would be a 3.5mm jack, in the case of a DJ console this could be phono (RCA) plugs or even XLR connectors. There are many adapters available to facilitate this. Please note, if you are purchasing headphones we do not supply any cabling – however, if you are hiring the headphones all required cables will be in the ‘kit box’, see below:

    • When hiring the headphones what other equipment should I expect to receive?

      With all hire packages you will receive the number of hired headphones (obviously), along with: 2 transmitters, 2 Power supplies (You only need to use one transmitter / power supply, however, we always send a spare where possible ‘just incase’), 2 RCA to RCA cables, 2 Mini-jack to RCA cables (RCA = phono if you didn’t know that), spare AAA batteries, cable ties (to secure the boxes for collection) & setup guide (which will explain everything you need to know about the very simple setup).

    • What type of power supply connects the transmitter to the mains?

      Standard 9v 500Ma power supplies are used. We supply UK power supplies with the transmitter units, but alternatives e.g. European plugs are readily available form your local electrical store.

    • What are the frequencies used by the transmitter?

      The transmitter works on 863.5 – 864.5 MHz

    • If I have any more questions, who do I speak to?

      If your question isn't covered here, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page or the LIVE CHAT feature on the bottom right corner of the website. Someone will get back to you asap!