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    We are now in our 15th year of operating Silent Disco events and we are still going strong.

    We started off in December 2007 hosting small events at local bars/clubs within close proximity to our head office in Reading. These events became very successful and we decided to invest in more headphones, taking our inventory up from a few hundred headphones to a couple of thousand! The years passed and events started to get bigger, better and more widespread. We began hiring headphones to events throughout the UK from student unions and nightclubs to museums and shopping centres. In 2009 we had our first overseas Hedfone Party event, which was a tour of Northern America by Jack Wills. Since then we have worked with some huge international festivals such as Festi’neuch in Switzerland, Rock for People in Czech Republic and Smirnoff’s ‘Be There’ tour in Ireland.

    We have worked with big-named nightclub brands, including Tiger TigerRevolution and Walkabout. We have worked with popular promotions brands such as Rough Hill, Taking Liberties and Propaganda. We have worked with huge recreational brands such as Butlins, The Tate Museum and Philip Morris. We have worked with massive retail brands such as Westfield, John Lewis and Converse. We have worked with famous drinks brands such as Red Bull, Lucozade and Southern Comfort. We have worked at huge music festivals such as Creamfields, V Festival and CarFest. We have worked with innovative outdoor cinema companies such as Rooftop Film Club (London), Everyman Cinema and Nomad Cinema (London). We have worked with lots of TV companies, such as BBC, MTV and Dave. Plus loads of other well known brands along with hundreds of private events.

    We are more than happy to assist with your event need – whether you are looking to simply Dry Hire our Silent Disco equipment or whether you want to hire the full system, with DJs and Lighting effects.

    If you are looking to do something more long term, you may wish to consider purchasing your own headphones - which you can find more information on our Sales page

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