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Silent Disco Headphones

Replaceable Batteries Not Rechargeable

There seems to be a new Silent Disco company cropping up every week. Someone deciding that they will purchase a small number of wireless headphones and stick an advert on Google claiming that they offer the best service at the best price etc etc. This doesn’t bother us, as more companies offering Silent Disco services means more awareness for the Silent Disco concept, and ultimately an increase in customers coming to us because they have been let down by another provider. There are only a handful of companies in the UK that have THOUSANDS of headphones available to hire, and we are one of them!

Some companies offer two channel headphones, others offer three. Some companies offer headphones with built in rechargeable lithium batteries, others offer headphones with replaceable – removable batteries. Silent Disco headphones come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, below are just some of the reasons why we think we have the best models.

Silent Disco Headphones

We have found a number of new companies offering headphones with rechargeable lithium batteries. When we started to offer Silent Disco events back in 2007, we thought long and hard about whether to go down the rechargeable or replaceable route. We decided to go with the latter. Our main reason for this was for peace of mind for our customers, as well as ourselves. Although we do make a huge effort to change expired batteries, we always supply customers with spares JUST INCASE the battery is DOA (or runs out through the night). This cannot be said for rechargeable batteries. To charge 100′s of headphones every day IS very time consuming, so these companies are bound to eventually cut corners and not supply fully charged units. If these headphones run out on the night, then you have no other option but to not use the headphone. What happens if your order of, say, 100 units arrived and 50 of them ran out of battery? With models such as ours, you could quickly and easily install new batteries without that much hassle. With the rechargeable units, you have no option but to NOT use them.

We also make sure that ALL of our expired batteries are recycled. We only ever change the batteries if they have expired, meaning we get the full use out of them and are not constantly wasting them (doing our best to be economical). We always supply ample amount of spare batteries to be used in a scenario where units need to be replaced, and we always advise our clients to send the used/unused batteries back to us to be recycled/reused.

Hedfone Party is well known in the business for offering great looking / sounding equipment at the best prices with unbeatable service. We have been in the trade for many years, and we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. If you require a Silent Disco service that you can rely on, get in touch with us today.

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Simon @ Hedfone Party