You are currently viewing A quick hello from us all at Hedfone Party!

A quick hello from us all at Hedfone Party!

Don’t worry, this isn’t another marketing message promising a way to lose weight on that special Battenburg diet or to make you invest all your money into NFT’s. This is a quick message to get you thinking about Silent Disco and to let you know that we have increased our stock of THREE CHANNEL LED headphones and can now cater for events of up to 1,000 people, perfect for those larger nightclub / student / festival events where you plan to boogie on down until the early hours! 

If you haven’t a clue what a Silent Disco is, well, you are on the right website to learn more! Have a click about and immerse yourself in the Silent fun!

What’s so good about our headphones, I hear you ask?

They are designed to our own specifications. They light up either Red, Blue or Green depending on what channel is used. The sound is very rich and basey (that’s a thing, honest) and best of all – these AREN’T rechargeable. You may be wondering why this is a good thing? Well, imagine. You are hosting an event that is more than 6 hours long. (An all day event, or an all weekender). Our batteries last for over 24 continuous hours. Our competitors rechargeable batteries last for a mere 6 – 7 hours. Which means you will have to recharge them over and over again. Now, how much of a faff is it going to be to recharge 1000 headphones? I certainly wouldn’t want to have that responsibility. With ours, if the battery expires – you pop them out and put in a pair from the generous amount of spare batteries that we supply (making sure you put the old batteries back in the box so we can recycle them – we take battery recycling very seriously! Probably too seriously.) Our batteries are checked before they are sent out, so you shouldn’t need to change many – if any! Click here to find out more

But, Simon, what if I don’t own a nightclub or festival and only want to have a Silent Disco with my chums in the back garden?

I know a lot of you may only be interested in small scale hire and this is something that we are more than happy to arrange. Packages start from just 10 headphones! (Which can be yours for the weekend for just £84 including delivery/collection and VAT). 

So whether your next event is for a large scale hire at a festival / night club / student union, or just a small private gathering with friends – we will do our very best to meet your every need!

Get in touch today to get your competitively priced quote – simply visit the contact page or call 01670 457 809

If you made it this far, thank you for your time!

Kindest Regards

Simon Jobson
Hedfone Party