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Silent Disco is the future! (still)

This blog post is literally here to try and help our position on the natural Google search listings. Let’s get straight up and honest about that. If we mention Silent Disco a few times here and there it can’t do any harm can it? Maybe I will say that Silent Disco is the best thing ever!

Which it is, of course.

I don’t expect anyone to actually read this post anyway. I mean, come on. Who reads blog posts from businesses? They are usually uninteresting, boring promotional pieces saying how great their services are. Which, our services are. Our service are great. We offer the best Silent Disco headphones at the best hire prices and we have been doing it for over 10 years!

Some other companies say that they are “the original” Silent Disco company. But that is lies. Simply do a quick “Who is” search of any Silent Disco web domain and it will show you who was the first. And you will see us appearing in 2007. Around the time when a few other companies jumped onto the Silent Disco bandwagon. We were the first to offer a solely dry-hire only Silent Disco business, where we didn’t concentrate on hiring out DJs and Disco lighting but fully putting our efforts in keeping the costs down, hiring out just the Silent Disco equipment and leaving you – the customer – to get your own great DJs, or to just simply use a couple of iPod playlists. However, we do now have DJs that are more than happy to travel to your event along with an amazing visual setup – so we can now cater for the full shebang!

I think I have mentioned Silent Disco enough times in this post to warrant some sort of change in the search engines. That’s how it works, isn’t it? Just make sure I mention Silent Disco enough in one post, linking every mention of Silent Disco to the website and we will instantly win Google and be the top of all searches. That’s how it works, yeah?

Probably not.

But surely it’s better than not putting anything on this blog? I don’t know. We are great at providing the best Silent Disco entertainment, but not particularly great at Search Engine Optimisation. And sod paying hundreds of pounds to those people that say they can get you to the top, but two weeks later you are blacklisted from Google and you find yourself buried on page 10 of the listings. Sod that indeed!

So yeah, I can’t imagine anyone actually reading this post – or getting as far as this. But if you have, I can only apologise for what has probably been the worst, most pointless thing you have read today. But thanks for sticking around anyway.

Oh, and if you want to hire some amazingly brilliant Silent Disco headphones – either two or three channel – then we have them in abundance and would be able to give you a fantastic deal! Did I mention we have been around for 10 years and that we have supplied many nightclubs, festivals, universities, museums, private parties throughout the land and our equipment has been on BBC Two, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Dave but to name a few channels! We are famous.

Anyway – feel free to email or give us a call if we can be of any assistance!