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Silent Disco at DubFest, Alnwick

We ARE the original Silent Disco hire company

So you have looked around the web to find the right Silent Disco provider for you. You have noticed something in common, a trend.. they pretty much ALL say that they are “the original” company or that they are “the leading” company. (How can any company prove they are the ‘leading’ company, without knowing the facts about all other companies available in the sector? This is, what we call in the business, ‘utter bull’)

We know you aren’t stupid. We know you know that this is marketing guff that websites tell you to try and make you feel more comfortable about using their services.

Yes, we do say that we are the original Silent Disco hire company. But that is because we ARE the original hire company. We started doing this back in 2007. Back when nobody had really heard of the concept.

Yes, there was another company doing Silent Disco events at the time – however, they were providing a FULL package (lighting, DJs, headphones etc) they weren’t providing a quick and easy solution for people to just dry hire the headphone equipment without having to pay all the extra expense. They were also based in Holland, not the UK. We saw a gap in the market and we took it. THEN all the others came along. Which is fine. It’s great having competition. But surely there can only be ONE original? Not 12.

How do we prove we were the original?

Simply go to “” and search ANY of the competitors websites (obviously we aren’t going to list them here). It will show you when their web address was first registered.

There are only two other companies that started in 2007, the same year we did! The rest came later.

We would love to say we are the leading Silent Disco hire company. But how do we know this? I can’t tell you how all the other companies are doing. I know we are busy. We have thousands of headphones coming and going each month to events throughout the country.

Silent Disco in London? YES.

Silent Disco in Birmingham? WE ARE ON IT.

Silent Discos anywhere in the UK? WE HAVE YOU COVERED. (Our headphones are couriered to you one day before your event and collected the day after, or on a Monday if it’s the weekend).

But this farcical “we are the leading provider” thing is just blatant lies. No company can prove they are the leading company. And what does it matter if they are or not? As long as you are getting a good service, with good quality headphones – there needn’t be lies about being ‘the best’, being the ‘most popular’, being the ‘leading’ brand!

We have been supplying Silent Disco headphones for over 14 years. We have customers that have been with us since the beginning, and we have brand new customers coming to us all the time!

We love what we are doing. We love making our customers happy and being transparent with the things we tell them. We also love offering fair prices for our systems and not over-charging.

(I also love a good rant, as you can see!)

So if you are looking to hire from THE ORIGINAL headphone hire company, a company that have a dedicated team of people at your beck and call 24/7, then give us a shout! You won’t regret it.

Simon @ Hedfone Party