You are currently viewing Whey aye pettle, heedferns on Geordie Shore how like man…

Whey aye pettle, heedferns on Geordie Shore how like man…

Our headphones are officially famous! At least to the 700,000 16 – 25 year olds that watch Geordie Shore.

If you are one of those viewers, then you may have seen our Silent Disco headphones being pranced around on the heads of such people as that one that likes the gym, or that other one that likes the gym. You may have also spotted that posh Northumbrian one and the not-so-posh Geordie one, who he is dating, both wearing the headphones too! (Along with a host of randoms who were brought in to create a ‘party’ atmosphere and/or to shag.)




(Put a pullover on, mate)

I got the pleasure(?) to DJ at the Geordie Shore house and I must say it was, genuinely, a fantastic experience. Because I had never watched an episode of Geordie Shore before, I had no clue who anyone was. And being from Northumberland myself, I am used to DJing in an environment top-heavy with loud Northerners. To be fair to the cast, they were very welcoming and were really nice and down-to-earth on the day of filming. (At least until the posh Northumbrian one decided to punch the hard Geordie one in the face – see picture, below).

I must confess that although I couldn’t bring myself around to watching the first series of the show, I did watch the second series – but only up until the episode with me and the Silent Disco headphones. I stopped watching after our appearance, and can confidently say that I haven’t lost any sleep not knowing how the ‘relationship’ between the posh Northumbrian one and the not-so-posh Geordie one is getting along.


(Seems that a lot of footage was taken whilst they were having a snogfest)

I must also stress that I know a lot of Geordie people. They aren’t all idiots; they aren’t all orange and they don’t all say catchphrases every 2 seconds like “on it like a car bonnet”. This is just a fabrication of a very small section of the Geordie community that the makers of this show have decided to blow out of all proportion. Remember, 70% of the people on Geordie Shore are not actually from Newcastle, thus making them NOT a Geordie – neither are any of the producers!

I do, however, appreciate the free air time that they gave us for our headphones, and it was a good platform to demonstrate what we do.

Thanks MTV!

Simon @ Hedfone Party


PS: You can see my legs on the stairs!!!