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Did you see our headphones on The Apprentice?

Our Silent Disco headphones have had another 5 seconds of fame (literally) on this weeks episode of ‘The Apprentice‘. In the ‘blink and you’d miss it’ rewards part of the show, the winning team got to go and watch a film – put on by our friends at Nomad Cinema – and using our very stylish three channel LED headphones! They only appeared in a couple of shots, but they were looking as great as ever.

This adds to many other telly appearances that our headphones have made, including: BBC TWO’S MUSEUMS AT NIGHT; MTV’S GEORDIE SHORE (SERIES 2, EPISODE 205); CHANNEL 5’S BIG BROTHER (SERIES 13, DAY 60); CHANNEL 5’S CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER (SERIES 11, DAY 14) AND DAVE’S STORAGE HUNTERS UK (SERIES 3, EPISODE 1).

Yes, our headphones were “discovered” in a box inside one of the lots on Storage Hunters. I am not saying this was set up, but we got the headphones back after the show aired..