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    We have thousands of 2 and 3 channel headphones in stock ready for your silent disco rental needs! Our headphones are designed for virtually any kind of event where you need a large-scale wireless audio solution. Nightclub party events, silent cinema events, conferences, art gallery shows - whatever your occasion, our headphones will meet your requirements. 

    The great thing about our equipment is that it doesn't have to be in a traditional event space environment. As long as there is a power point for the transmitter, you can take the headphones anyway. So you could party in the park, on a quayside, inside a big castle. Pretty much anywhere you need them!

    Our 2 channel units arrive in a variation of colours. The headphones are stereo and offer a beautifully crisp sound and a very good bass response. The headphones fit comfortably on any head - and each unit has its own volume control so the user has complete control.

    Our 3 channel units do all this, but they also have built in LED lights that glow in 3 different colours, depending on which station the headset is tuned in to.

    All you need to provide to make things work is an audio source - which can be any device that has an audio output. We supply both phono and mini jack cables, so you can attach to a whole range of devices.

    Contact us today if you would like more information about our silent disco rental price.