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    We have thousands of two and three channel headphones to meet your silent disco headphone rental requirements! Our headphones are perfect for just about any type of event where you need a silent solution. Whether it's to add something different to a nightclub line-up, to beat the noise restrictions in a venue, to use at a conference to give more focus on the presentation or anything else - our headphones are very suitable for your requirements. 

    Our headphones can be used in any type of venue. It doesn't have to be the traditional nightclub / arena / event space setup. Because all you need to do is plug in your audio source to our transmitter, as long as there is somewhere to plug in, you can have your event. So you could party in a car park, in a football stadium, outside a burger king. Pretty much anywhere!

    Our two channel headphones arrive in a mix of vibrant colours. They are stereo headphones and the audio sounds great, a very good bass response. The headphones are also very comfortable to wear, which is very important. Each headphone has its own volume control also.

    Our three channel do all of the above but these stylish LED headphones light up in three different colours, depending on which channel your headphone is tuned in to. 

    All you need to provide to make the event work is the audio source - which can be any device that has an audio input. We supply phono and minijack cables, so you can attach to a whole spectrum of devices.

    Contact us today if you are interested in receiving a silent disco headphone rental price.