• Keeping disco's Silent since 2007!

  • We proudly supply Silent Disco Equipment for any UK event!

  • Our Silent Disco equipment both looks and sounds great!

    Our headphones are tailored by us to give a unique bass and sound response. We have been offering Silent Disco hire for over 15 years and our headphones have been to all corners of the UK at many exclusive events. You may have even seen them on the telly on shows such as BBC Switch, Big Brother and *sigh* Geordie Shore. 

    Our three channel headphones change colour depending on what channel is listened to. They are large and fit snuggly on any sized head. (The headbands are adjustable). Each headphone has it's own volume control, so you can make sure it isn't too loud! And there is a button that you can select to change the channel.

    We have events up and down the country - and we would love to provide your next event with our amazing headphones.

    Get in touch today to see what we can do for you! Prices start from just £125! (For 25 headphones) 

  • Silent Disco at The Mile Castle Newcastle