• Keeping disco's Silent since 2007!

  • What unprecedented times we all find ourselves in. Take yourself back to just a month or so ago, if I told you we would all be told to stay indoors and there would be no access to Greggs or McDonalds, you’d think I was crazy? But here we are. In a Big Mac free zone. But it is for our own good, and everyone (who isn’t a key worker) needs to heed the advice of the government and STAY HOME!!

    It’s no surprise that the entertainment industry has been hit hard – with all gatherings being banned, all venues being closed down and the majority of events across the country being cancelled. Our diary for the next 3 months has been annihilated in the space of a week or so – and with no end in sight. Which is very saddening, but not unexpected. We will struggle on.

    We ARE still open for business, as much as we can be, but we appreciate there is very little business to be had given the fact that our headphones are predominantly used for large gatherings and held in venues all across the country currently standing dormant due to the corona virus.

    However, we have reduced the minimum order to just 5 silent disco headphones – which means if you wanted to have a little house party with those living at home with you without disturbing your neighbours, you can do so for the weekend for just £90 including delivery/collection & VAT (Plus £60 refundable deposit). Headphones delivered contact-free by DPD on the Thursday and collected on the Monday. We are also taking bookings for September and beyond, hopefully things would have somewhat got back to normal by then.

    When headphones arrive back with us after an event, the boxes they are in are sterilised and then put to one side for 14 days, with the headphones inside untouched. After this period, they are then thoroughly cleaned to the highest standard, the boxes once again also being fully sterilised. They are then put to the back of headphone rotation. Any headphones that are due to go out are also thoroughly cleaned once again using high quality sanitising products, for your (and our) peace of mind.

    We hope you are all coping as well as you possibly can be being stuck indoors for an unknown amount of time. Our thanks, of course, is with the NHS, key workers and everyone else keeping this country ticking over in this unbelievably difficult time. Our children will be telling their grand children about this in years to come, there is no doubt about that!

    Stay Safe. Stay Home. Have a very small Silent Disco indoors or in the garden with the family? (Although, we won’t be offended if you choose not to.)

    I am working from Home so am fully contactable if you did wish to discuss your future Silent Disco endeavours.

    All the best

    Simon @ Hedfone Party

    t: 01670 457 809
    e: info@hedfoneparty.com