The Czech Republic storm…

by Jobby

Converse asked us to provide Silent Disco headphones again for their tent at Rock for People festival in Czech Republic. We were there last year and it was great fun – so were pleased to be going again. I do love a good European road trip!

I decided to take my car – mainly for luxurious reasons, and it can amply fit 400 headphones + me and 2 assistants. The road trip was pretty successful, although my drivers headlight bulb went out as we entered France – and as I have a Citroen C5, it is very complicated to change myself – so a stop off at the garage was needed (where it took two highly trained proffessionals 30 minutes to change the bulb). A lot of the driving was through the day, so probably could have got away with a dodgy lightbulb – however, in the Czech Republic you need to have your headlights on at all times; just incase they don’t see you coming.

We were scheduled to operate the Silent Disco tent on three nights, however, due to extreme bad weather we only managed to operate on the first night. A tornado ripped through the festival on the second night, wrecking our tent along with many others. The festival closed for a few hours, and was majorly flooded, but unlike a certain festival in the UK – they reopened within hours and reshuffled the acts around (as the main stage was ruined, they had to put large acts in a smaller tent – which was interesting.)

Several videos of the bad weather can be found on youtube, I uploaded this one:

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Although the Silent Disco was only on for one night instead of three, the first night was a huge success and all the headphones were out and about within minutes!!

Check out the photos, here:

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See you in 2013, Rock for People!

Jobby @ Hedfone Party