Our Silent Disco headphones enter the Big Brother house…

by Jobby

For one strange reason or another, Big Brother has always fascinated me. From the very first series, when it was a ‘social experiment’, right through to when it became a show full of fame hungry wannabes (Series 3 onwards), it’s always a show that will get you thinking “how did they find these people?”. BB became stale on Channel 4, and I believe that Channel 5 have pumped some much-needed energy into the format, although “Autocue Brian” isn’t the best host for it. His presenting feels forced and unnatural.

I am no stranger to appearing on Big Brother shows. As well as being in the audience several times for Big Brothers Little Brother when Dermot O’ Leary presented it, I took part in several of George Lambs shows too – competing in a series of challenges for the chance to become the ‘voice of Big Brother’, which I won – of course. That was an unforgettable experience, being able to talk to the housemates in the diary room and making announcements over the tannoy in the main house. An extremely poor quality clip is here:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/wO4UrZqo7iY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Anyway, forgetting all that for a moment – and bringing things back to 2012. I had another run in with Big Brother. This time it was Channel 5 and this time they wanted something from me. Silent Disco headphones! I obviously couldn’t turn down another opportunity to demonstrate our headphones on the telly (already shown on MTV’s Geordie Shore).

Now that Big Brother Series 13 has finished, all the housemates have instantly been forgotten – as well as our appearance. But to refresh your memory (if you were one of the 10 people that watched the show on Channel 5) – here are some screen grabs from the Big Brother Silent Disco:




If you are a producer of a TV show and would like to use our headphones, give me a call!

Jobby @ Hedfone Party