Our Silent Disco at CarFest North

by Jobby

After the success of our Silent Disco at Chris Evans’ CarFest South, we were asked to do the same thing at the CarFest North event at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire. Such a beautiful area and a great place to host a festival! The weather was perfect too, with the mercury hitting around 25 degrees each day – which did make the big top tent into more of a big top oven.

We provided 500 our our fantastic NEW coloured headphones (the colour variants at this festival were Red, Blue, Pink and Purple) along with two DJs – myself on Channel 1 and DJ Jake on Channel 2. We have a great repertoire with each other, I generally cover all of the newer music and Jake covers the older stuff. I recently invested in some new lighting, which had it’s first demonstration at CarFest. This included a spectacular new Laser Show, along with some amazing LED effects. You can see them in action in the pictures, below. I also decided to bring along my projector to do VJing – which is the same as DJing, but with music videos – which added an extra level of greatness to the overall event.

We operated the  Silent Disco every night, with an extended ‘secret’ gig on Friday night for the campers. I also DJ’d through the loud speakers on Saturday / Sunday, and hosted a kiddies karaoke – which had a variation of singing types! (It also involved a kid called Georgie Shore, which is a very unfortunate name if you ask me.)

I took a lot more photos at this event than at CarFest South, and I managed to keep the camera still too!!



This is our setup for CarFest North – looks spectacular at night!


A selection of party people dancing in pure silence!


The crowd goes wild, with some laser effects on show!


This is our supersized Hedfone Party screen, showcasing music videos and visual effect. It looks fantastic 🙂


This is our amazing DJ setup in full action. PS: I have no idea who that girl is behind the decks, I chased her away once I got back, although it wasn’t easy!


Another picture of the crowd loving their first Silent Disco!

Here is to CarFest 2013!!

Jobby @ Hedfone Party