Marvellous Radio with Jobby!

by Jobby

I used to have my own radio show on local radio when I lived up in Northumberland. I was there for about 4 years and loved every minute of it! Since moving ‘down South’, I haven’t managed to get back into doing radio shows – and I miss it! I did have the opportunity to work with hospital radio in Reading, but wasn’t able to get hours that would accommodate the job I do now.

So.. I decided to start my own radio station! Why not. A station that demonstrates the sort of music that I play as a mobile disco DJ, as well as taking the requests from the listener. Rather than using spotify or searching YouTube for music, just pop on my radio station – whenever I am on air – and I will play great stuff that you will like, and you can request anything else using the ‘shout’ system on the radio page.

I will be on air at 10pm most nights – but see the ‘blog’ page within the radio site to get full details on the next scheduled time.

To listen, go to

I look forward to entertaining you soon.

Jobby @ Hedfone Party