Buy your Silent Disco wireless headphones here!

by Jobby

Here at HedfoneParty we have spent years developing the very best in Silent Disco equipment. Our headphones simply look better, sound better and last longer than the competition. If you’ve decided to buy your very own Silent Disco kit then look no further . . .


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Our current stock of headphones are available in three striking colours – with more colour choices coming soon. The two channel headsets are extremely robust, comfortable to wear and sound absolutely fantastic!


Set-up couldn’t be simpler with our two channel transmitter. The unit comes encased in metal for extra durability, with two fixed antennae. Just connect your audio players with two jack cables and you’re good to go.

You can use anything with an audio output as your sound sources – from professional DJ consoles to laptops, iPads, iPods . . . anything you like!

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  •     The transmitter operates on 863.5 MHz – 864.5 MHz
  •     Connections are ¼ inch jacks.
  •     The system has a range in excess of 200 metres
  •     Batteries last for 18 hours on full volume
  •     The headsets switch off automatically when no audio is present

Still need convincing? Why not read our FAQ for all the lowdown on the best Silent Disco headphones you can buy . . .

For more information, visit the  FAQ

6You can custom-build your own package or go for one of our off-the-shelf deals below. Feel free to call us right now for more information.

CALL 0118 977 2103 (extension 2) NOW!

Party Pack

£ 495.00 plus VAT

25 Headphones @£20

FREE for limited period

transmitter & psu
50 batteries

DJ Pack

☆10% Discount!!

£ 1795.00 plus VAT

100 Headphones @£18

FREE for limited period

transmitter & psu
200 batteries

Club Pack

☆20% Discount!!!
£ 3995.00 plus VAT
250 Headphones @£16

FREE for limited period

transmitter & psu
400 batteries

Prices exclude VAT & shipping/delivery.
Larger quantities and custom orders available.
Branding available on orders of 500 or more (6 – 8 weeks lead time)
Extra transmitters available @ £35 + VAT including psu.
Discounted bulk batteries available.